• David Frisch, The ninth of ten children is born to
    Samuel and Blanch Frisch.

  • Samuel Frisch opens Frisch's Cafe in Cincinnati

  • Samuel Frisch opens Frisch's Stag Lunch in Norwood, a suburb of Cincinnati.

  • Dave Frisch and two of his nine siblings, Reuben and Irving, take over restaurant operations following the death of their father.

  • Dave opens the Mainliner, which is Cincinnati’s first year round drive-in restaurant. The restaurant was named for the first tri-motor passenger plane that operated from nearby Lunken Airport. An image of the airplane was featured on its sign,
    and still is today.

  • Dave samples the Big Boy double-decked hamburger, created by Bob Wian of Glendale, CA. In what proves to be a momentous decision. Dave makes the Big Boy sandwich using his homemade tartar sauce to replace Mr. Wian's recipe that called for Thousand Island dressing. Dave’s signature sauce becomes a key staple on Frisch’s menu.

  • Jack C. Maier joins the company as a part-time car-hop and marries Dave’s youngest daughter, Blanche, the following year.

  • The first Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant opens on Central Parkway near downtown Cincinnati, with eight counter seats and 60 car spaces for curb service.

  • Frisch’s opens a Big Boy in the Kentucky market and in just a decade expands into Southeast Indiana.

  • Frisch’s successfully launches an initial public offering (IPO) of its stock, and offers the signature Tartar Sauce in pint jars for the take home market.

  • Jack C. Maier is elected President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, following the passing of David Frisch.

    Two new items are added to the menu: the popular Swiss Miss hamburger and Frisch’s signature Hot Fudge Cake, which quickly becomes the most popular and best-selling, year-round dessert.

  • Frisch's begins sponsorship of Cincinnati Ballet's successful production of The Nutracker which becomes a December holiday tradition in Cincinnati.

  • Frisch's begins sponsorship of the
    Educational Outreach Program offered by
    Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, a program that reaches 1,000 classes or 30,000 students per year K-12.

  • Soup, Salad ’n Fruit Bar and Breakfast Bar service are introduced in all Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants.

  • The Hartwell location in Cincinnati welcomes the introduction of drive-thru service that is rapidly expanded to all Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants. This move signals an acceleration in the ending of the car-hop era.

  • Craig F. Maier, eldest son of Jack and Blanche, is elected President and Chief Executive Officer, following more than a decade of service to Frisch’s. Additionally, the Company launches its popular “What’s Your Favorite Thing?” ® marketing tagline to advertising promotions.

  • Frisch’s begins its support to the museums through sponsorship funding for various traveling exhibitions on display at the newly opened Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

  • Frisch’s famous homemade Tartar Sauce appears on grocery store shelves in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, OH.

  • The Company acquires exclusive ownership of Big Boy trademark rights in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

  • Sponsorship at the Cincinnati Art Museum originates with the Cincinnati Wing, the first permanent museum exhibition in the nation dedicated to a city’s art history. Children’s menus in Frisch’s restaurants begin featuring Big Boy interacting with exhibition materials.

  • Jack C. Maier, Chairman of the Board of Directors, passes away on the 2nd of February, at the age of 80.

  • Blanche F. Maier, long-term member of the Board of Directors, passes away on the 1st of September, at the age of 82.

  • Frisch’s introduces Primetime Burgers that are 1/3 lb. fresh, never frozen, 100% American beef.

    The first Founder's Day is celebrated in memory of David Frisch on the 110th anniversary of his birthday, May 3, 1902.

  • Frisch’s becomes an official sponsor at Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, serving Big Boy sandwiches and fries from two food booths.
    A Big Boy statue wearing a 1970s uniform is placed at one of the booths. It bears the number 46 to represent the year Frisch's introduced the Big Boy sandwich at the Mainliner.

  • In August 2015, the Company was acquired by National Restaurant Development (NRD), a private equity firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The transaction to take the Company private brought to a close a span of 55 years of Frisch’s being a publicly owned company.