Frisch's Big Boy on North Bend Road Cincinnati, Ohio.
New drive thru canopy and order confirmation screen.

Frisch's Restaurants, Inc. is a regional company that operates full service family-style restaurants under the name "Frisch’s Big Boy."

All Frisch's Big Boy restaurants are currently located in various regions of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

The Company owns the trademark "Frisch’s" and has exclusive, irrevocable ownership of the rights to the "Big Boy" trademark, trade name and service mark in the states of Kentucky and Indiana, and in most of Ohio and Tennessee. All of the Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants also offer "drive-thru" service.

The Company also licenses Big Boy restaurants to other operators, currently in certain parts of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Q When did Cincinnati’s first Drive-in restaurant open?
A Cincinnati’s first year round Drive-in restaurant opened in Fairfax in 1939. It was called “The Mainliner”
Q What was the first Frisch’s restaurant in Cincinnati?
A In 1905, Samuel Frisch operated a small café on Freeman Avenue in downtown.
Q Who owns the Company today?
A In August 2015, the Company was acquired by National Restaurant Development (NRD), a private equity firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The transaction to take the Company private brought to a close a span of 55 years of Frisch’s being a publicly owned company.
Q Where did the name “Frisch’s Mainliner” originate?
A Frisch’s Mainliner is named after a tri-motor passenger plane that landed nearby at Cincinnati’s first airport,
Lunken airfield.
Q When was Cincinnati’s first Big Boy sandwich sold?
A Cincinnati’s first Big Boy sandwich was sold at the Mainliner in 1946.
Q When was the first Big Boy Drive-in restaurant opened?
A In 1948, Dave Frisch opened the first Big Boy Drive-in in the city with eight counter seats and 60 parking spaces on Central Parkway. While the building has changed, the location for "Big Boy One" remains the same.
Q What are the most popular Frisch’s sandwiches?
A Frisch’s delicious signature sandwiches, in order of popularity, include the Big Boy®, the Fish sandwich, the Super Big Boy®, the Buddie Boy® and the Swiss Miss. All are served with Frisch’s own Tartar Sauce.
Q What other items are unique to Frisch’s?
A Frisch’s has become known for hand breaded Onion Rings, the rich Hot Fudge Cake (a half serving is available!), it's vegetable soup and homemade salad dressings.
Q What are some of Frisch’s seasonal favorites?
A Frisch’s has become known for award winning Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Pie and specialty cheese cakes,
such as Fire & Ice®
Q How many Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants are there?
A As of September 2013, Frisch’s operates 95 Big Boy restaurants, and franchises another 25 to other
Big Boy operations.
Q Where can I find a Frisch’s Big Boy?
A You can find Frisch’s in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio and in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky.